What Do All Living Organisms Have In Common?


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Following are some characteristic which are common in all living beings:
1:All living beings are made of cells, whether they are as small as unicellular organisms or as large as a whale.
2: All living beings have to meet death. Some of them can even survive for centuries, but still they have to get destroyed one day.
3: All living beings tend to reproduce, either sexually or asexually.
4: All living beings need food to survive. Food can be small unicellular stuff, or a very big one, but they can't survive without food.
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Cellular organization
ordered complexity
sensitivity (response to stimuli)
growth, development and reproduction
energy utilization
evolutionary adaption
That's pretty simplified but it's when what you learn when you learn the basics.... Those seven characteristics can be looked up online if you'd like to know more about them.
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Composed of cells
reproduction by way of passing on genetic material
response to environmental stimuli
growth and development
maintain homeostasis
contain genetic information
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All organisum are made out of cell and show 7 lives processes:
Nutrition (eat).
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Life is the character that separates living from non living organisms.
Some of the main characteristics are:
Organizations of cells
Response to stimuli
And reproduction

To learn more about the living organisms, please visit:
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They reproduce
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All living things are composed of cells, must reproduce,carry out growth and development. They also must die and they all need energy(food)
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They are all organisms. They are all warm-blooded. They mate and they eat food to get their energy.
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I want to tell you all some thing about living beings because they are not evolved from our ancestors like monkeys or chimpanzees its all the negative thinking of all these scientist they r all out of their mind we r created by god our father

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