How Old Are Sedimentary Rocks?


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Sedimentary rocks are formed because of the process of Lithification or rock formation. The age of different sedimentary rocks vary from each other. They can be thousand years old or billion years old. It depends on when they were formed and which layer of earth they were in. There is no way for laymen to determine the age of a sedimentary rock. Scientists do it by experimenting with the fossils that are trapped inside these rocks.
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The oldest sedimentary rock could be found on Earth 3800mya but in general it varies on when and where the rock was formed.
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No actually you cannot say that is some odd billion years because the earth is very young. The earth is only about 6000 years old
not 6 billion,not 6 million ,6 thousand years and younger would be the most truthful answer in the whole world in a christian scientists perspective.

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