What Are The Uses Of Rocks?


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Rocks are used in construction to build buildings, roads, damns and a lot of structures people use. In nature there uses are pretty much the same as they are sturdy and pretty much indestructible in a lot of instances. Rock are used in concrete and pavement. They are a natural barrier and also provide protection from the elements. They are used to retain heat and also cold and are a great insulator for both man and nature.
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Rocks are used as a source of protection. For instance, in my country Nigeria in the 1500's, whenever war ensues, our forefathers create big holes inside the rocks to hide their wives and kids and goods while they plung ahead into war with youths and adult of fighting age group.
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Can be used in the making of houses.
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To build houses, to make cement, as weapons, to start fires, to make metals, to cook on, to make jewelry, to tell us about the history of the earth, as musical instruments, to grind food, to wash clothes, to bury the dead, as ballast in ships and to make roads. I hope those are enough uses.
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Early uses of rocks were to sharpen sticks and make arrow heads for hunting purposes.
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There are many different types of Rocks such as; Granite, Limestone,Crystal, Fossils, Basalt, Sheared Gneiss, Sandstone, Marble, Chalk, Pitchstone, Lava, Slate, Cong Lo Marate, Garnet Amphibolite, Gabro, Gibstone and many many more .
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That did not answer the question... All you have told us is many types of Rock, Which we did not ask for.
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Rocks are very useful for us people. They are used to create buildings, household things, roads, dams, etc. Rocks are also used as a source of protection.

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