What Are The Three Elements Of Glucose?


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The three elements are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Its formula is C6 H12 O6. All I need to know is the diagram!!! Oh yeah, glucose is a COMPOUND not a ELEMENT :) Glad to help ..
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The molecular formula of glucose is ,


The three elements are
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Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon
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The chemical formula for glucose is C6H12O6, which means there are 6 carbon molecules, 12 Hydrogen molecules, and 6 oxygen molecules.
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Glucose is basically sugar.  Anything you consume, including salts, convert to glucose and released into your blood stream.  It is energy but too high is dangerous and can lead to diabetes.  That is when your pancreas can no longer keep your blood sugar levels normal
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Glucose is a sugar
and chemically it is made up of carbon oxygen and hydrogen

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