Which Are The Largest Islands In The Caribbean?


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1. Cuba
2. Hispaniola
3. Jamaica
4. Puerto-Rico
5. Trinidad and Tobago
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The Greater Antilles is the largest island. It comprises Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.
Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean is a combination of two big islands, namely Haiti (capital: Port-au-Prince, area: 27, 750 square kilometers, population: 8, 528, 000) and the Dominican Republic (capital: Santo Domingo, area: 48, 730 square kilometers, population: 8, 895, 000).
Cuba is a large predominantly Spanish-speaking country that covers an area of 110, 861 square kilometers. It is one of the largest producers of sugar in the world. Its capital is Havana. It has a population of 11,382,820.
Jamaica covers an area of 10, 991 square kilometers. The capital of Jamaica is Kingston. Jamaica has a population of 2, 651,000.
Puerto Rico covers an area of 9, 104 square kilometers. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. It has a population of 3, 912,054.

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