What States Does The Arkansas River Flow Through?


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Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas
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The Arkansas river is an important river of the United States and one of the chief tributaries of the Mississippi river. The length of the river is 1450 miles (2334 km) making it the fourth largest river in the US. The river originates in the Rockies in Colorado State and then flows through the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The major cities located on its banks are Wichita, Kansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Little Rock. The Arkansas river is of commercial importance and the Kerr/McClellan Navigational Channel helped in making navigation viable as the river was shallow in some places at Arkansas and Oklahoma.

In the early part of the nineteenth century the river was the frontier between the United States and Mexico which was held by Spain then; the region to the south of the river comprising Texas became a part of the US after the Mexican-American war (1846).

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