What Countries Does The River Meuse Flow Through?


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The River Meuse passes though the three countries of France, Belgium and finally the Netherlands. In both Dutch and German, the Meuse is known as the Maas. This key European river originates in France and subsequently proceeds to flows through the countries of Belgium as well as the Netherlands. The river then ultimately drains right into the North Sea.

The total length River Meuse stands at 925 km (that is, 575 miles). Hollands Diep, a broad river which flows in the Netherlands is an estuary of the Meuse River as well as the river Rhine.

The river has a total drainage basin area of 36,000 square kilometre (that is 13,900 square miles). It has a large number of tributaries such as the Dieze, Niers, Geleenbeek and Hoyoux.

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