What Is Relief Rainfall?


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Relief rain usually takes place around  coastal areas where a fleet of hills runs along to the coast. When wet onshore wind from the sea meet a mountain, hill and barrier, it is forced to rise along the slope and cools. When the air temperature falls to its dew point, water vapor condenses to form clouds. When the clouds can no longer hold the water droplets, relief rain begins to fall on the windward slope of the mountain. On the leeward slope, air sinks, it is warmed and further dried by compression. Therefore, the leeward slope is known as rain shadow. It is just all that simple. Good luck
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Relief rain is formed in mountain areas.
-When wind blows over a mountain, air rises over the mountains.
-The air cools and condenses
-During condensation, clouds are formed
-Tiny cloud droplets become larger and fall as relief rain over the mountain
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Relief Rainfall is when the wind is forced to cool as it is getting higher because it is hitting high mountainous areas and then as it starts to lower again because it is not over mountainous areas it condenses and turns into rain. This is called relief rainfall because the cloud is being relieved of the rain that it was forced to make.
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When moisture-laden winds are obstructed by a mountain or relief barrier they are forced to ascend along the mountain slope.As the air rises upwards ,it cools. This is followed by condensation and precipitation in the form of relief rainfall.
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Relief rain happens when water passes over the sea and catches lots of water this wet air then hits the land. If it goes towards any hills or mountains then it'll be forced to rise, it cools down. This'll make the water in the air join together to form a cloud. When the cloud gets really heavy, it'll start to rain. All this rain will come at once, so areas further on will be very dry.

Hope this helped =]=] xx
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Relief Rainfall is when you have air coming from the sea and moving towards land.In the way is a hill or mountain and the warm air is forced to go up the hill.Up there is cold and when warm moist air mixes with cold air, the water vapour condenses and rain is formed.
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Hello there,

It occurs when the air is forced to cool down. This normally
happens when it goes above relief features like mountains and hills. This type
of rainfall is also known as orographic rain. You can find an illustration via
this link: https://geographyfieldwork.com/ReliefRain.htm . I hope that it helps you to understand the concept!

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THIS is when a sea breeze meets up on a barrier and it is forced to rise. While rising it cools and condenses to form clouds. It forms clouds and rainfall occurs. The side getting the rain is called windward side and the getting little or no rainfall is called leeward side.
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Relief rainfall is when air is forced to cool as it rises over hills and mountains. Then as it rises it cools, condenses and forms rain.
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I think it's when there has been no rain for a while and then there is a sudden bout of rain I don't know ill check in my geography book and get back to you as soon as I can
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It is very common in mountain areas near the coast where winds blowing off the sea are very very wet

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