What Is The Annual Rainfall Of Tasmania?


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Tasmania, the smallest state in Australia, is also the wettest state of Australia. The annual rainfall received by the state of Tasmania differs from the west of the state to the east of the state. It can be as high as 3, 600 millimetres in the west of the state and it can be as low as 500 millimetres in the east of the state.

The eastern and southeastern parts of the state of Tasmania receive rainfall throughout the year. The rainfall received by the east and southeast of the state is evenly distributed throughout the year. On the other hand, in the western and northwestern parts of the state of Tasmania, the maximum amount of rainfall is received during the winter season.

Tasmania lies between the latitudes of 40 degrees to the south and 43.5 degrees to the south. It has a temperate maritime climate. The state of Tasmania is located on the northern edge of a stream of westerly air known as the Roaring Forties. Its variations in climate in general, and rainfall in particular, are because of the mountain ranges, particularly in the west of the state, which is the wettest part of the state of Tasmania.

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