Examples Of Non-Verbal Communication?


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“Non-verbal communication” is the name given to any form of communication that doesn’t involve speaking.

Apparently, non-verbal communication makes up two-thirds of all communication between humans – that must mean it’s important! Here are some examples of the most common types of non-verbal communication:

Facial Expressions
These aren’t always voluntary, and can often get us in trouble!

  • Smiling and smirking
  • Looking angry or shocked
  • Raising an eyebrow
  • Frowning
  • Eye contact (the most important part of flirting)
Body Language
Social psychologists believe that you can tell a lot about how a person is feeling, just by looking at the way they stand. Examples of body language include:

  • Crossing your arms
  • Leaning closer to someone
  • Leaning away from someone
  • Slouching
  • Puffing your chest out
  • Standing over someone
  • Hiding behind hands or hair
These are really important, too – ever seen someone gesturing wildly with their hands when they’re excited? Common gestures include:

  • Hand and arm movements (usually when explaining something)
  • Winking
  • Hand symbols and gestures
  • Shaking your head
  • Nodding
  • Rolling your eyes
You might not think it, but clothing is actually really important when it comes to non-verbal communication. What somebody is wearing communicates a lot about their background, their financial status, their tastes, and their personality.
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Non-verbal communication could be:
  • A nod of the head
  • Leaning in as you are speaking
  • A person crossing their arms
  • Smiling
Verbal Communication could be:
  • Saying yes in agreement
  • Laughing at a joke
  • Asking an additional question.
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  • Eye contact
  • Nod your head
  • Arm gestures
  • Smiling

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