The science of physics does not fully understand the origin or mechanism of gravitation and atomic forces. True False?


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This statement is true - although the processes of gravitation and atomic forces are well understood, and used to create machines and power sources (and weapons), the origins of these forces are not completely understood.

For centuries, men and women have pondered the forces at play in the universe, and scientific study has been based on these questions and mysteries. Over time, brilliant minds, such as Isaac Newton, unraveled the important truth about gravity and how it affects our bodies, objects, and even our weather. However, atomic power is a newer discovery, and still holds more mystery, and, perhaps, more potential.

• Science is about educated guesses

The best scientists have observed the physical (yet unseen) forces of the universe, by watching their interplay with people, objects, and the planet's atmosphere. Then, they've created educated guesses, or hypothesis, which outline some belief about these forces and how they operate. Most scientists use their hypotheses as the basis for scientific experiments; during the course of an experiment, a scientist will test his or her hypothesis, and then record results which agree or disagree with this educated guess.

• The scientific method is important

By following the scientific method and proving hypotheses, scientists have uncovered all sorts of truths about gravitation and atomic forces. Now, visionary scientists experiment with new theories, such as the power of nuclear fission. In time, more mysteries will fall by the wayside, as more hypotheses are proven.

The use of these forces is everywhere around us. Buildings stand because they defy the power of gravity with large structural beams, crafted from forged steel. Olympic divers do twists and turns, before plunging into the water, spurred on by the power of gravity. Atomic weapons create epic destruction, while also promoting peace between countries - these weapons can be used offensively or defensively. The forces of our world have a great impact on all of our lives.

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