How Does Air Get Polluted In Nature ?


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Air gets polluted because of the following reasons;
1)      Burning of different types of fuel causes air pollution for example burning of wood, furnaces and stoves.
2)      The vehicles which release smokes causes air pollution.
3)      The smoke release from chimneys of factories also causes air pollution.
4)      Waste deposition in landfills produces methane which is a big reason of air pollution.
5)      Radon gas from radioactive decay within the earth's crust causes air pollution.
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A pollutant refers to substances not normally found in air, or in higher concentrations than normal. If I remember right from classes, there are two types of pollutants. Primary pollutants are substances directly emitted into the air from polluting sources like nitrogen oxides from cars, whereas secondary pollutants are substances that form as result of the primary pollutants mixing with the air, or other primary pollutants. For example Ozone which is a mixture of two primary pollutants (I'm not sure which look it up maybe).
Air pollution is usually a result of human activity. The main causes of human air pollution is  from cars, waste disposal and industry. However air can also be polluted from natural processes, like volcanic activity which releases various pollutants like sulphur for example. Other natural pollutants include carbon monoxide an dioxide from wildfires, and as the other guy said, radon from radioactive decay within the earths crust.
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The greatest reason of polluting air is the smoke coming out of many factories and automobiles having toxic substances making a severe effect on our respiratory system. Other reasons are cutting of trees
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There are many different factor involving in Air polution.
1. Industrial wastage
2. Smoke
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Any unwanted substance that causes harm to air or degrades the quality of air are called air pollutnts. Air gets polluted by industries , selfish needs of humans or by any natural calamity .
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Air pollution happens due to emission from industries and vehicles..the smokes that comes out from the vehicles and industries causes a thick layer in the atmosphere and pollutes the air.
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Air pollution is when smoke and other things like plastic get into the air, and they make the air bad to breathe in, and not very good to breathe in either. The causes are all of the people that decide that they are Just randomly going to leave out the trash that they dropped or can't find anything better to do with, and the chemicals within that thing get inside the air for a very bad ecosystem.
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Air pollution is caused by the existence of chemicals in the atmosphere. The interference of these pollutant substances is harmful for human health and has varying effects on the environment. Toxic or radioactive gases are the most dangerous and cause the maximum air pollution other than these vehicles too cause the maximum air pollution.

Air pollution also causes the green house effect, the greenhouse effect occurs due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere.

Maximum amount of air pollution is caused by vehicles like cars and trucks. According to the 'World Health Organisation' nearly 4.7 people die every year due to the effects caused by air pollution.

Industrial emission is another reason for the occurrence of SMOG. It is the largest type of air pollution. Metropolitan cities are mainly affected by smog, as they have a huge amount of industries and car population.
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Air pollution is the smog and junk in our breathing air mostly put there by polluting factories, cars, trucks, etc. On days when the pollution is really bad, one has huge difficulty breathing when outside and for people with respiratory problems the pollution is so much more of a problem. This is what is eating away the ozone layer that is causing all the climate warming everyone is so concerned about
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There are many reasons for air pollution. Traffic jams like in Los Angelos. Using aerosol cans. Factories produce a lot of the air pollution. Peace
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Everything and everyone is responsible for causing pollution in the air.  Cars use gas, houses use heat, we all accumulate garbage, there are so many things.  Air pollution is bad.  We should all try and do our share about becoming environmental friendly.  Reuse sacks from the grocery stores, recycle, try not to use things that polute the air.  And if you have a child with asthma or you do or other respiratory issues stay inside on those difficult to breath days.  You can watch the news it will tell you if it is a red, green, or yellow day.  For those whom have asthma and other respiratory issues.  My kids and I do.
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When we burn certain air polluting things like coal, plastic etc. The air get polluted.
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* most of all the air polluted by making eucalyptus oil, the factories leave more poisonous air.
The second reason is the plastic papers,covers etc.,
save the earth and save yourself
thank you
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This happens if other people burn some things like plastics and in the chimneys of a factory.

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