How Does Pollution Happen?


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We create pollution from all sorts of places including CFC's that can be found in air fresheners or deodorants. This is particularly harmful as it causes a tremendous amount of damage to the air. There are a number of pollution factors including noise pollution.
Other things that get into the air include factors such as exhaust pipes, manufacturing excess, waste and plastic bags which can have a detrimental effect on the environment.
Pollution can also be exacerbated by weather and it usually tends to disperse based on wind, while raindrops sometimes attach to particles in the air and take them down whilst there are certain levels of geographical features that make certain areas more polluted than others.
For examples cities like London and Paris with big fumes and plenty of cars will be more polluted, thanks to the fumes than a countryside village.
The valley areas near the coast of California, for instance, have much worse pollution levels than the areas right along the coast. This is because the sea winds usually blow the pollution right into the mountains, where the pollution then tends to drift because it is unable to reach over the mountains.
Pollution damages the ecosystem which is exactly in the case of living organisms and with plastic bags that can be thrown away and left in the sea which damages the sea life.
Pollutants which make up the basic elements of pollution, can be foreign materials as well as energies. According to The Blacksmith Institute who distribute a yearly list of the world's worst polluted places, the most recent records showed the ten top nominees are located in Azerbaijan, China, India, Peru, Russia, Ukraine, and Zambia.
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Air pollution happens when smog acid rain the green house affect or "holes" in the ozone layer are in process.
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Pollution exists because cars and factories exist. The fumes or exhaust from the car is pollution, the gas from factories is pollution. So if you can car pool each day, it'll save us less pollution each day. But cars and factories are still good but bad. Without cars we wouldn't be able to go places and without factories we wouldn't have furniture or flat screen t.v 's. Factories and cars are still good.
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Pollution has always existed,but engine emmissions,power plants and chemical plants have made it worse

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