Is The Sun A Living-thing Or Non-living Thing?


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The sun is made up of gases. It does not need water and it does not reproduce. Therefore it is a non-living thing.
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Sun is simply a non living thing as it is made up of gases and other such things...there is no living matter inside it. 
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Sun is non living thing. It's the hydrogen hellium gasses blasts in it.
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Sun is a non living thing , but like all other stars it has a certain life span ,means one day it will die or transform into some thing else
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All living things need air food and water to survive... Lets take water for example- if there was water in or outside the sun, it would evaporate immediately. So the sun would die. Therefore since it is still "living" or shining as it is, the sun is a non-living thing.
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Non living

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