What Do Living Things Need Energy For?


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Living things need energy for several important processes that are vital to life. One of the most important is the growth and repair of cells and tissues - energy is required for the various biochemical reactions that achieve this.

Energy is also needed to actively transport molecules through cell walls to make sure that nutrients and other molecules get to where they are needed. Active transport takes place against a diffusion gradient and the use of energy allows organisms to control their internal environment more efficiently.

Living things also need energy to move - all organisms use movement even plants that don't appear to. Their chromosomes move during cell division and that, like all movement, requires energy.

Energy is also required for temperature control in warm blooded animals. Endotherms use large amounts of heat energy to keep their body temperature constant.

A few organisms use energy to produce light - like fireflies or to produce electricity - such as electric eels.
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Living things need energy to survive and to have activity and to repair and grow cells and tissue
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Energy is needed for actively uptake of molecules ,e.g nutrients into cells

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Living being needs energy for every thing they perform. Energy is the basic need for the survival of living beings. If there will no energy then there will be no life possible.

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All living things need energy in order to move or do activities. For example, we humans need energy to walk, run, work etc and do other daily activities. Energy is something essential for life, without energy life could not be possible.
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All living things depend on energy from the sun.

Even though animals get their energy from either plants or from animals
that eat plants, those plants get their energy from the sun, so it all
comes back to the sun.
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My science teacher is psycho!!! But I have to admit he teaches us well. Living things need energy because it helps them grow cells.=]

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