Why Is Feedback Important In Communication?


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Feedback is one of the main purposes of communication. It is a crucial part of communication for any kind of organization anywhere in the world, and on a more fundamental level it helps us to build and shape our relationships with the people around us.

Feedback is used to:
  • Confirm
  • Deny
  • Affirm
  • Please
  • Improve
  • Plan
  • Business
In business, a company will often submit plans to relevant boards for discussion and approval. These boards will assess the company's proposal, and then deliver feedback. This vital feedback will tell the company whether or not its plans are worth implementing, and will also give the company ideas on improving the plans to maximize productivity.

  • Education
In education, feedback is usually given by tutors or peers to students, regarding a piece of academic work. This feedback is important for telling the student where they could improve aspects of their work, and in which ways. It is also highly important for reinforcing the good parts of their work.

  • Building
In building, councils will propose ideas for new structures in local communities. Often, these plans are made available for the community to see, and events are set up where members of the community are invited to give their feedback.

These events are important as they allow people to shape their own environments and oppose plans they think would do more harm than good in their locality.
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It is one of the best ways to see a different perspective from your own on any given subject. It is an excellent tool for acquiring wisdom, knowledge and the opportunity to grow as a human being, not to mention gaining a much larger view of the world every time you accept the feedback given.
You never know when a closed mind can be opened.
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Feedback helps to complete the communication process
Feedback helps to assist in the decision making

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