Explain Why Effective Communication Is Important?


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Effective communication is important in strengthening existing relationships, helping to forge future relationship and express opinions which increases self-confidence. Communication helps us give an opinion and express ourselves while also considering the needs and opinions of others through mutual respect. It is vital in all aspects of life; from working relationships, to dealing with communication in the home with children and our other halves.

Although human beings are very capable of making their opinions heard, at times a breakdown in communication can occur and this is what could lead to arguments or confrontations. Being able to communicate effectively, allows an individual to express their thoughts and beliefs with no fear of being judged or condemned by others. It will help increase their confidence as others interact with them and will also help them forge future relationships with work colleagues or potential partners without having any fear of being rejected.
Effective communication can help disperse tension in the workplace or in the home for example. If you have a difficult teenager who seems to be set on making your life a misery, having the ability to sit down and talk to them may help resolve the matter. You may find by communicating effectively, your child is actually having a hard time at school or perhaps they are having problems with his girlfriend or her boyfriend.
Likewise, if employees are unhappy about a new system that has been introduced in the office, unless there is an effective means for them to voice their worries or concerns, the employer will be unable to help them. By speaking openly about the problems, they will be able to find a mutual way of tackling the problem head on. Who knows? They may even find a way of resolving it together.
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Because it can effect on people of our talking, the main is let people understand and be willing to accept of what we propose to them .

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