Why Is Conduction Important?


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Conduction is one of the most important processes. There are various consequences which this process can create. The major impact is on human beings and animals. There are various activities in which we are exposed to light and the process of conduction make things easier or tougher for us. Just take the example of a warm sunlight in summers. When you will be wearing a light color dress then light will reflect back and no conduction will occur, however, if you wear a black or dark color dress then conduction of heat will be carried out and you will feel warmer. Therefore, conduction can make us warm which is very important in winters.

Conduction also results in giving warmth to the birds and animals which is very necessary in the colder regions. Furthermore, conduction is carried out in metals and because of this characteristic we get heat and electricity supplies at our homes. The conduction of heat in wood can make us to use woods for burning purposes. Various appliances which we use in our homes involves the process of conduction like ovens, electric heaters and stoves, iron, hair straighteners and many other products.

Process of conduction has both the negative as well as positive consequences in our lives.

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