How Close Does The Moon Get To Earth?


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In miles, the distance between the moon and the world we live in stands at 252,700 miles, and that’s enough to go around the circumference of the earth at its widest point more than 10 times. This measurement is from the moon and the earth’s two farthest points, and actually has been given a technical term by scientists: Apogees. In contrast, if you were to take the closest point that the earth is to the moon, this is known as the perigees, and knocks well over 31,000 miles off the total distance. Not bad, is it?

There are plenty of experts that spend all of their time and effort into furthering human knowledge of how the moon works. Indeed, this awareness is changing all of the time, too: Whereas a report from the National Geographic in September 2009 said that water was found on the moon in ‘scant’ amounts, just two months later, a report upgraded these findings to ‘significant’.

If you’ve got an interest in science, there’s never been a better time to get involved as there is still so much to find out. With bursaries and internships providing countless opportunities for people to get financial support to pursue a career in science, you could be the one explaining to everyone the distance between the moon and the earth. That said, would anyone really want to be confronted with the task of holding the tape measure for such a painstaking amount of time? It’s quite a formidable distance!
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Have you tried googling this?  That would probably be your best bet, if you don't find the answer here.  I don't know, that is just my advice.  Great question, good luck.
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At the point it was no-longer a planet in a singular path to earth and crashed into earth. From my understanding, the moon now slips away from earth at 1/4 foot, or 3 inch's a year. The persis measurement may be wrong, but the moon is slipping away a little every year.
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The moon is on average 250,000 miles away from the earth at any one time. I'm sure there are stages where the moon gets slightly closer or further from the earth, but that figure is the average generic distance.
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The moon is about a quarter of a million miles from the earth. It
orbits the earth and the distance varies slightly throughout its orbit
whose period roughly coincides with our time period called the month.

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