Who Was The Planet Neptune Named After?


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The planet Neptune was named after the Roman god of the sea. The Greek equivalent to Neptune was the god Poseidon.
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Neptune is one of the planets of our solar system. By size (diameter), it is 3.8 times larger than our Earth making it the fourth largest planet in the solar system. Its mass is 17 times as much as that of Earth which makes it the third largest planet by mass. It is also one of the coolest planet in the solar system (-218 C at it surface), because of its distance from the sun (4498169999 km). Neptune, by far, has 13 moons.

Neptune was discovered on September 23rd, 1846. One extra-ordinary thing about Neptune is that it was first discovered theoretically rather than experimentally by Urbain Le Verrier. Initially, Neptune was called Le Verrier's Planet, after the person who discovered it. Then Urbain Le Verrier chose the name Uranus for this new planet. After long period of controversies the planet was finally named Neptune. The name comes from the Roman God of sea Neptune. The planet's name comes from its deep blue color (like sea) due to traces of methane found in it atmosphere.

So far Neptune has been visited by only one spacecraft, the Voyager 2 which flew by Neptune on 25th August 1989.
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Lol the sea god NEPTUNE

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