What Is Name Of Filipino Scientist?


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There are a large number of Filipino scientists that have made an outstanding contribution in the fields that they work in. Some famous Filipino scientists are:
• Luz Oliveros-Belardo
• Julian A. Banzon
• Alfredo C. Santos
• Christina A. Binag
• Ishmael D. Ordonez
Luz Oliveros-Belrado was a successful phytochemist, and studied the metabolic compounds that were found in plants, and the fact that they could provide protection against diseases caused by insect bites.
Julian A. Banzon was a biophysicist whose main studies focused around the coconut. He discovered that the energy the fruit provided could be used as a renewable source of fuel. He also worked with sugar cane, and discovered that this could also be turned into a source of fuel. He was the first to carry out this type of study.
Mary Ann A. Endoma also studied plants, and her specialty was developing and researching anti cancer products using the plants. All the plants that she used were native to the Philippines.
Christina A. Binag is a well-known Filipino scientist whose most famous work involved the conducting of polymers in sensor technology.
Ishmael D. Ordonez, like Oliveros-Belardo, was a scientist who looked into the usefulness of certain plants in medicinal terms. He established a laboratory that was used for studies into photocatalysis.
There are a number of other Filipino scientists who have made a significant contribution in their field of expertise, and these include Alfredo C. Santos, who was famous for lowering the cost of medicines by introducing plants into the making of the medicines, and Clara Lim-Sylianco who studied the medical elements of Filipino plants such as ampalaya. She developed laboratories that were used as an International Training Center and was a member of the International Advisory Committee on antimutagens.
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Dr. Gregorio t. Velasquez,Dr.Ernesto domingo,arturo alcaraz,roberto s. Salido,Dr.carmen c. Velasquez.
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There are a great many Filipino scientists, and it would take a long time to tell you about all of them. You could start with this short list, and you can also find out more about famous scientists if you put the phrase 'filipino scientists' in  a search engine. This will take you to several links where you can learn more about different contributions.
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Isaac Newtown

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