Which Planet Has The Most Moons?


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The planet with the greatest number of moons is Jupiter. It has a total of sixty-three moons, and is also the largest planet in the Solar System - a thousand Earths could fit inside Jupiter.

List Of Planets And Their Moons
  • Jupiter has sixty-three moons.
  • Saturn has the next-highest number of moons, at thirty-four - which is nearly half the number of Jupiter. Uranus has twenty-seven moons.
  • Neptune has thirteen.
  • Pluto only has three (although Pluto is only considered a dwarf planet now).
  • Mars has two moons.
  • Earth has one.
  • Mercury and Venus have no moons at all.
Jupiter's moons were spotted as far back as 1610, when Galileo Galilee saw them through his telescope. The space-probe Voyager 2 identified most of the other moons.

Man On The Moon

The Earth's moon is the only planetary body on which man has set foot, besides Earth. There is even (so to speak) a human buried there - the remains of Eugene Shoemaker, a geologist, were sent there in ash form in 1999.
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Here are the planets in order of how many moons, and how many dwarf planets, they have:
  • Jupiter: 63 moons
  • Saturn: 60 moons
  • Uranus: 27 moons
  • Neptune: 13 moons
  • Mars: 2 moons
  • Earth: 1 moon
Now for the dwarf planets:
  • Pluto: 3 moons
  • Eris: 1 moon
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