When Was The Sharpener Invented?


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The first pencil sharpener was invented in the year 1828, by a French mathematician named, Bernard Lassimone. The manual pencil sharpener was invented in the year 1847 by Therry des Estwaux and the first electric sharpener was designed by Raymond Loewy somewhere in the 1940's.
The mechanical sharpener is generally with the force of the hand. There is a blade inside the sharpener that connects to a part known as the crank, which is moved by the hand. When this part is rotated with the hand the blade inside sharpens the point of the pencil.
The electric sharpener also works on the same system but instead of force being applied by the hand, it is an electrical motor that does the work. Some are even used with the help of batteries.
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Walter Hunt (1796 – 1859) was an American mechanic. He lived and worked in New York state. He invented sharpener in 1842.
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