How Do I Calculate Square Foot To Yards To Know How Much Tile I Need?


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(3 ft/yd)2 = 9 ft2/yd2.

If you have yd2, you can multiply by the fraction above to get ft2. If you have ft2, you can divide by the fraction above to get yd2.

(15 ft)(16 ft) = 15*16 ft2 = 240 ft2 = 240 ft2/(9 ft2/yd2) = 26.67 yd2.

Units can be multiplied and divided just as any other algebraic entity. Sometimes it helps to keep the units with the numbers, just so the units are kept straight. Conversion from one set of units to another should be thought of as a multiplication (or division) by 1 (one).

3 ft and 1 yd are exactly the same thing, just expressed in different units. So, dividing one by the other gives you a value of 1 (one). You can multiply by 1 without changing a thing. The same is true of dividing by 1. If I have 240 ft2, and I multiply by 1 = (1 yd2)/(9 ft2), I still have 240 ft2, but now expressed as 26.67 yd2.
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9SF = 1SY   15X16=240SF   240 SF divided by 9 SF = 16.66666 Square Yards

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