What Masses Of Calcium Sulfate And Phosphoric Acid Can Be Produced From The Reaction Of 1.0 Kg Calcium Phosphate With 1.0 Kg Concentrated Sulfuric Acid (98% H2SO4 By Mass)?


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The first thing you will do is to balance the equation:
This is the balanced equation.
Ca3(PO4) 2+ 3H2SO4 >>2H3PO4 + 3CaSO4
Moles Ca3(PO4) 2= 1000 g / 310.18 g/mol =3.22
Then find the molar concentration of H2SO4
To get it we must know the density in g/L
density x 98 / 100 = g/L
divide by molar mass of H2SO4 and you have the morality.
If you tell me at once the density I will answer you.

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