What Is Chromic Acid Test?


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Chromic acid is the collection of compounds including chromate, dichromate anions or sometimes it is generated by the dissolution of chromium trioxide in sulfuric acid. Formula of chromic acid is H2CrO4 and H2Cr2O7. In the chrmoic acid test, three drops of the compound to be tested and 5 drops of acetone and 5 drops of chromic acid solution are added together. If the red-orange color of chromic acid disappears and blue-green color of Cr III ion appears then it is the indication of the positive result.

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In organic chemistry, dilute solutions of hexavalent  chromium can be used to oxidize primary or secondary alcohols to  the corresponding aldehydes and ketones. Tertiary alcohol  groups are unaffected. Because of the oxidation is signaled by a color  change from orange to a blue-green, chromic acid is used as a  qualitative analytical test for the presence of primary or secondary  alcohols.

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