What Is The Difference Between Pollution Prevention And Pollution Control?


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Pollution prevention is following practices and steps that will reduce and/or eliminate chances of pollution taking place and pollution control means taking corrective measures to reduce pollution already done in the environment like waste management etc. By using waste treatment system/plant etc. Hope you got it.
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Pollution prevention is stopping it before it happens; pollution control is managing the damage that's been done.
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Controlled pollution is governed by the government and is monitored.carefully.
Pollution control, is a prevention method control by extras measures.like capped water supplies with filterations controlled,
incinerators with extra filters added to it!
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Pollution prevention is trying to stop the pollution the companies are producing under the pollution controls already set in place to eliminate excess pollution produced by them.would be my guess.
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G'day Hildadrago,

Thank you for your question.

I would think that pollution prevention aims to stop the pollution before it occurs while control seeks to  reduce its impact once it occurs.


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