What Are Metals?


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Speaking in terms of chemistry, a metal is an element that readily loses electrons to form positively charged ions known as cations. Metals can form ionic bonds with non-metallic elements.
In a block of a metallic element, the positively charged ions are arranged into a  lattice and these are surrounded by a cloud of the delocalized electrons.
Metals are generally very good conductors of heat and electricity. These are lustrous and highly dense substances. Metals are also malleable.
Some examples of metals are:
Metals may be combined with other substances to form alloys to give them better properties. Some alloys and their component elements are:
Steel (iron and carbon)
Bronze (copper and tin)
Brass (copper and zinc)
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Metals is an element, the structure of whose atomss is such that these readily lose electrons to form positively charge ions. Metals usually have luster and a high specific gravity, and are malleable, ductile and good conductors of heat and electricity.
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Metals are the chemical elements and these are the elements which readily lose electrons to form positive ions. In metals there are metallic bonds between the metallic atoms and ionic bonds between the metallic and non-metallic atoms. Metals are defined as lattices of positive ions which are surrounded by a delocalized electrons. There are various characteristics of metals on the basis of which they are distinguished from the non-metals. Like metals form positive ions, they form basic ions in water and they have luster. In addition, metals are malleable and they can be easily transformed.
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Metals are something that sticks to magnets. Metals are found everywhere and they are all different and made from lots of different metals and other things that make metal.

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