How Deep Is The Arkansas River?


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The Arkansas River is 1,460 miles long but varies in depth considerably. There are many canyons that, depending on the season, can be extremely shallow and have been known to be less than 6 inches deep. Other areas of the river are extremely deep, around 27 foot or more. This all depends upon the season and how much rainfall the area has had recently.

The Arkansas River is in Central Colorado and joins the Mississippi River at Arkansas point. During the first 125 miles the Arkansas River drops 5,000 ft as it tumbles through gorges and canyons. The river flows south eastward through the Rocky Mountains and is surrounded by stunning scenery. It also flows through the Royal Gorge, a narrow canyon cut into granite.

The Arkansas River is a popular place for extreme sports such as white water rafting. It is an exhilarating experience as the raft shoots through Granite Gorge which is the highest white water rafting run on the Arkansas River. Granite Gorge offers has many exciting rapids and finished with the class 5 Pine Creek Rapid. Browns Canyon is another exciting rafting adventure on the Arkansas River. It offers a combination of beautiful scenery and brilliant white water and is the most popular white water adventure in the whole country. Rapids in Browns Canyon include; Zoom Flume, Big Drop, Widowmaker, and Raft Ripper.

White water rafting is not the only thing that attracts visitors to Arkansas River. Other outdoor activities can be enjoyed in the area and there are many tours to help people enjoy the amazing waterfalls, tours around caverns and caving trips. There are walking trails through the mountains and scenic drives offering many beautiful views.

The nickname of Colorado state is the Natural State due to the outstanding natural beauty that surrounds it.

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