What Is The Impact That The Extinction Of Species Will Have On An Environment?


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When a species dies out, the effect that its extinction has on the environment can be pretty serious.

Whilst you might not realize it, our environment depends on every little insect and plant there is.

If you take one thing out of the equation, it will have a knock-on effect on everything else.

The effects of extinction

The most direct way a species's extinction effects the environment is through the food chain.If you remove one link from the chain, the entire thing doesn't work - that's why it's called a food 'chain'!

For example, even though lions might not eat insects, they are directly related to a lion's survival: Insects spread pollen and seeds that encourage the spread of plant life. These plants are eaten by gazelles, which are in turn eaten by lions.

So, losing the insect from that chain would have a big impact on how many tasty gazelles were running around waiting for lions to eat them!

I recently read an article that states that, despite all the fuss about global warming and nuclear warfare, extinction of species is one of the biggest threats to mankind's existence on earth.

Our food sources are so heavily-reliant on the balance of nature that, if a species in our food chain was to become extinct, the effects on the human population could be devastating!
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It will kill us.... Seriously!!!
The world would die if we had no plants or animals!!!!

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