What Is The Impact Of A Tsunami On The Natural Environment?


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Kevin Cronk answered
The wave can damage trees, and wash fish and small aquatic life up on shore, and small land animals can be washed out to sea
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Madison Phair answered
A tsunami can cause the damage of trees, and small or large fish to be washed up at land, and some land animals can be washed out to sea.
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Fangju Fangju answered
Tsunami is a powerful destructive tsunami waves, the danger great. Set off the tsunami
waves generated when a high degree of up to more than 10 meters to tens of
meters to form a "water wall" up to several hundred kilometers per hour to form
a "universal rising, clouds and water raging," the amazing spectacle. In
addition, the tsunami wavelengths much, can spread thousands of kilometers and
the energy loss is small. The tsunami reached the coast, "water wall" will be
rushed to Cuikulaxiu trend land, while hanging out weighed several tons of rock
and ships, ruins and other debris, a few kilometers inland raids, even down to
the sea the river upstream, low-lying areas along the river will be devoured, of
human life and property caused serious harm.

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