What Are The Major Impacts On The Natural Environment?


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Environment has to have impacts of various things. It may have impact of natural and anthropogenic stuff but natural stuff is not that effective as compared to the anthropogenic stuff.

They can be ramified into three impact are as; air, water and soil. These have a direct as well as indirect impact on the environment. This is putting a bad impact on environment. Air pollution is accountable for spoiling the atmosphere. It is also responsible for smoke and smog. It is to spoil the air by automobiles.

Environment has impact of water pollution. Pollution of water is to be spoiled by the water biota as well. Water environment is to be impacted by the things present in water. It is about raise in the amount of water pollutants. Pollution is exceed in any thing in the environment.

Soil is also impacting the environment. Soil biota is to have a negative impact if it is receiving industrial and residential waste. Both kinds of wastes spoil the environment. Hope it may be clear to you now!
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The natural environment, in today's world influenced by a wide ranged of factors. Following are some factors that pose major threats to and damages the natural environment.

Air Pollution: air pollution arises from various sources, which include smoke from vehicles, factories and industries.

Water Pollution: Water pollution is a very major threat to the natural environment. Like air pollution, pollution in water affects both humans, animal and plant life. Water pollution too arises out of several sources. A very major reason for water pollution is oil leakages from ships and tankers traveling in the oceans. People throw dirt and garbage into water bodies, without giving it a second thought, which can pose severe danger to the marine life, which in turn affects human life. The wastes from industries, if not properly disposed off, also pose a major threat to the natural state of water bodies in the world.

Noise pollution: Noise is almost unavoidable in the modern world. Going out of one's house is stressful, because of noise pollution that exists everywhere. Drivers honk their cars without thinking anything out of it. People in general do not realize that they are contributing to the environmental pollution and ruin the natural state of things.

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