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Scarborough is a coastal town located in North Yorkshire off the North Sea Coast in the north-east of England. Scarborough lies to the south-east of Scalby and east of East Ayton. The A165 and the A170 motorways connect the town with the rest of England. The nearest airport is Teesside and is nearly seventy one kilometres from Scarborough. The town has its own railway station the Scarborough Railway Station which is just half a kilometre from the town centre.

The town of Scarborough has a population of roughly fifty thousand and is a major holiday resort. The town with its South Bay and North Bay where much of the entertainment is found boasts arcades, miniature railways, mock naval battles, a Japanese themed park, shopping facilities and several other entertainment venues.

Both the Bays are beautiful and some of the architecture is amazing. Worthy of visiting is the Scarborough Lighthouse, the Spa Bridge and the Scarborough Castle Keep.
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Scarborough is a town in the county of North Yorkshire in England. It is located in the region of Yorkshire and the Humber. It is a modern town and a major tourist destination on the coast of Yorkshire. The South Bay of the town is the more developed of the two parts of Scarborough. While the North Bay is a relatively quieter place and the home of the Peasholm Park, the South Bay is a bustling entertainment arcade with many shopping centers and option for residents and tourists alike to enjoy themselves.

The population of Scarborough is 50, 135. The University of Hull is an important centre for higher education in the United Kingdom in particular, and the most prestigious university in the town of Scarborough. As it typical of most seaside towns, rowing is the most popular sport in Scarborough, and is more popular that England's favourite sport, soccer in this town, even though Scarborough has a good soccer team. One of the Bronte sisters, Anne Bronte (who was also an author like the rest of her sisters) lived in Scarborough.

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