Where Is Canterbury In England?


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Canterbury is a district of Kent in South East England. It is 87km east of London and 234km west of Brussels.

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Canterbury was one of the busiest places of pilgrimage in the medieval world and the Canterbury Tales Visitor Attraction is a constant reminder of Chaucer's England and the shrine of Thomas Becket and the murdered archbishop. Canterbury's city museum completes the historic enigma of the city with Invicta – the engine that pulled world's first passenger railway.
In recognition of the coming of Augustine to Canterbury in 597, to reconvert the region back to Christianity, UNESCO granted world heritage status to part of the city, including, St Martin's Church, St Augustine's Abbey and the cathedral.
Canterbury even today has tourists coming from all over the world to visit many of its ancient buildings, bars and restaurants which have retained both an charm of the old world and the vitality of the cosmopolitan modern world. The city can be easily accessed by road, rail or sea.

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