What Is The Difference Between Scientist And Technologist?


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A Scientist is a curious person who likes to find out answers to questions.
A Technologist is a person who makes thing to satisfy humans needs
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A scientist seeks answers, a technologist uses them.
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WE need an more specific answer than that.
Dur dur dur... Its for school and we need 30 Slides in Power point worth, so we need at least 15 facts for Scientist and 15 facts for Technologist!!! NOW!!!
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All I can help is to state the basic definitions of scientist, engineer and a technologist. A scientist is one who has a very high level of education or pursues research in pure basic sciences e.g. Physics, chemistry, astrophysics, biology and to some extent mathematics. A technologist is a professional with adequate qualification and a specialist in a particular area of engineering branch e.g. Aerospace, computer, mechanical, chemical, etc. Simply put, he is a specialist at least in a particular technology. An engineer is one who has adequate qualification to practice certain technologies developed by technologist with the help of scientists in a particular engineering branch.
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Scientists draw correct conclusions based on good theories and accurate data. Technologists take good decisions based on incomplete data and approximate models. Scientists focus on understanding natural phenomena. Technologists focus on understanding the made environment.

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