What's China's Weather And Climate Like?


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China is a large country with a vast variety of topographic features. Each region has its own unique climate. The southeast experiences an extremely hot and wet climate throughout the year. The river valleys of the Yangtze and the Huaihe rivers in central China also experience extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters. It rains throughout the year in this region. The northern part of the country is dry and has a short summer. It is sunny during the summer, and in contrast, this region also has long winters where the weather is bitterly cold. The coastal parts of the country are humid. Cities along the coast of China receive rains during the monsoon season, which falls during the summer months. Beijing, the capital of China, has one of the lowest average annual temperatures (a maximum of 17 and a minimum of 6.7), and also receives only about 52 millimetres of rainfall annually on an average.
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During the winter and summer and spring how is the climate like
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Monsoon climate in China is very significant, half of China are subject to the
monsoon climate. Mainly temperate monsoon climate, tropical monsoon climate, but
also Hainan and Yunnan's Xishuangbanna, and a small part of the region affected
by the tropical monsoon climate. In addition, China's northwest regions, the
occupying inland is temperate continental climate with hot summer and cold in
winter, less precipitation. The Southwest region is a highland climate in the
Qinling mountains - the Huaihe River as the boundary, north to temperate
monsoon, summer hot and rainy, cold and dry in winter, south of the subtropical
monsoon climate. Summer hot and rainy, cold dry winter.
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It's such a vast area and has all sorts of weather.

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