What Is A Possible Solution For Volcanoes Changing The Earth Surface?


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There is no way to stop volcanoes from erupting; therefore, it is not possible to create a solution for the many ways volcanoes change the surface of the earth.

Until some scientific advancement allows for the control of volcano eruptions, governments must focus their efforts on cleaning up (or trying to reverse) the damage inflicted by the periodic eruption of volcanoes.

  • Examples of damage from volcanic eruptions
Typical damage to the earth's surface related to volcanic eruptions includes pollution caused by volcanic ash. This type of ash is made up of rock and glass; it has the following characteristics:

  • Sharp
  • Slightly corrosive
  • Unable to dissolve in water
After a volcano, this ash may descend on the earth's surface in a thick layer; it presents health risks to human beings and animals. In certain cases, ash can make daylight seem dark, and it can lead to power blackouts and other problems. Cleanup of toxic, dangerous volcanic ash will be undertaken (carefully and safely) as part of disaster relief work.

Other forms of damage caused by volcanoes may include destruction from earthquakes provoked by a volcanic eruptions, as well as heat blasts, lava flow and mudslides. Roadways, forests, and urban areas may all be flattened or burned by the by-products of an eruption - lava and ash will pollute the land and air.

Underwater volcanoes may trigger powerful and deadly tsunamis that cause death to human, marine and animal life, as well as massive destruction of the earth's surface.

Other hazards produced by volcano eruptions include damage from any types of pyroclastic (projectile) fall deposits and toxic volcanic gases. As you can see, volcanoes are destructive forces that cannot be controlled by governments or scientific organizations. In the future, there may be ways to diminish the force and destructive power of earthquakes.

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