What Are The Main Facts Of Human Interference In Global Warming?


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There is some controversy and disagreements over the extent to which human interference causes global warming, or whether it's not just a cyclical thing. The fact of the matter is that the industrial revolution has drastically altered the level of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases that are being pumped into our atmosphere. This results in average temperatures rising around the world, but even an increase of one degree C can cause mass poverty and extreme weather fluctuations due to melting ice caps. In addition, because of how it will be more difficult to grow certain crops, rising food prices are another issue that people are trying to reckon with. Even though there are new regulations in place around the world with Japan and the US pledging to cut the emissions back to 1990 levels, there are some countries which can commit to it less than others.

Another big factor is the fact that we are currently involved doing things that we don't understand the environmental implications of. Disposing of appliances, using landfill excessively and the continued use of cars and exploiting non-renewable resources will all have a long-term effect on our future. In addition, there's a real issue involving how we are exploiting green belt land for our own personal gain. Have you ever considered how the field that you love behind your house could one day be used for housing in an attempt to meet the needs of a rising population?

It's good that you are taking awareness into such a serious issue that we all need to address.
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The usage of refrigerators,ac,automobiles,etc are the main facts of human interference in global warming.

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