What Countries Are Hot In October?


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Countries that are around the Equator; the tropics and subtropics are where you will find it hot in October.

  • The earth is divided into the northern and southern hemispheres by the equator.
The closer you get to the equator the hotter it will be due to the Sun's position relative to Earth. This is why the tropics and subtropics tend to be warmer all year round. Places such as Turkey, Greece, Spain, Mexico, the southern tip of Florida, Cuba, and the Caribbean tend to be hotter in October than other parts of the world.
Also bear in mind that when the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing winter, it is summer in the southern hemisphere. It means when snow is occurring in New York, a place like South Africa is having its warmer days. The same can be said that when it is colder in South Africa, the Northern Hemisphere such as Colorado will be warmer.

Travel sites tend to book travel to countries around the equator during October more often because it is warmer in these areas. There are still some issues with hurricane season, but the weather is often warmer.

Mentioning a few places that are hotter in October, one also has to talk about Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Thailand, and others. Some of these countries may have hot spots and cool spots given their position on the earth. It is always best to stay nearer the equator when considering where to go that is warmer in months such as October. South America and Central America are a few other locations where it can be warmer in October than when the Northern Hemisphere is having its summer. It all comes down to where the sun is positioned allowing for longer, warmer days when the sun is closer to one hemisphere over another.

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