What Is Egypt's Annual Rainfall In Inches?


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Egypt receives only about 3.15 inches of rain per year in some parts of the country. Rain mostly falls along the coast of Egypt. The wettest region of the country is the area around the city of Alexandria. On an average, it receives only about 7.87 inches of rain annually.

Alexandria has one of the highest percentages of relative humidity in the country. Sea breezes, however, help keep the moisture down considerably, and even though it is very humid, it is quite comfortable. As the rain moves southwards, the amount of rainfall received by the southern regions declines sharply.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, experiences very low relative humidity and receives only 0.39 inches of rain every year. On an average, the relative humidity in summer in Cairo on an average is about 77 per cent. The humidity is very low during the rest of the year and the areas south of the Egyptian capital receive extremely less rainfall.
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The average rainfall in inches is 200mm in egypt

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