What Is The Yearly Rainfall In Manchester?


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Manchester when compared with the rest of the United Kingdom expriences relatively less rainfall. The average annual rainfall at this place is 809 mm, lesser than Glasgow in Scotland and many other places in the UK. There is hardly any snow within the main city. Manchester has a reputation of being rainy, which actually is quite undeserving. Locals believe that this tarnished reputation will not change even if the sun shines round the year.

Rainfall in Manchester is generally light and extended and is evenly spread across all the four seasons. Autumn in Manchester is the season with maximum rainfall. This has led to the humidity being high in this city. It is owing to these humid conditions that led to the growth and flourish of the textile industry in Manchester.
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It normally rains quiet consistently 363 days but it stops at night the other 2 days we have snow I hope this has answered your question
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30 inches

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