I Need To Convert 6,000 Square Feet To Metric Tons. Can You Help?


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One of those measurements is area.  The other is weight.  The two measurements mean completely different things.
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Actually, if you read the rest of the question, you find that the 6000 sq ft is the area of land (soil) 1 ft deep. So we want the weight of 6000 cu ft of soil in metric tons. To do this, we need to get the density of soil and multiply by the volume (6000 cu ft.). Offhand I don't know the exact density of soil; it probably varies with the type of land. But I know it is around 5 times that of water, which is about 65 pounds per cu.ft. So 6000 cu ft of soil would weigh about 65 x 5 x 6000 or 1,950,000 lbs.

Then convert that to metric tons. I believe a metric ton is 1,000 kg, which is about 2,200 lbs. So the answer is (approx.) 1,950,000/2,200=886, to the nearest metric ton.
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I don't know it you still want this answered but here goes.
6000 sq ft x 1 ft = 6000-ft3
the average density of dirt is 120 lbs per cubic foot (since this is an average it will make the answer only approximate - to get an accurate estimate you would need to measure the density of the dirt you are asking about).
 6000-ft3 X 120-lb/ft3  = 720000-lb.
one metric ton = 2204.6-lb
720000-lb x 1-metric ton / 2204.6-lb = 326.6 metric ton
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Many thanks for your answer. The area I have excavated is as written. Your answer indicates I'll need 16.5 20 Ton truck loads to fill the area I have excavated for my new drive way.  (I understand this is approx due to density.)
Many thanks for you help!  Andy
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I need to convert 1115 square meters to metric tons

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