How Many Square Feet Of Flooring To Cover A 11x14 Room And A 11x17?


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Calculating the amount of flooring you need for your home may at first appear a daunting task, as it involves many equations and mathematics, in reality, it does not involve such complications, you just need to know your X and Ys.

If the room is a rectangular one, you will have to measure it from wall to wall in both directions, and enter the figures as X and Y for that area. For example, Room G is 11 x 14 (this is ‘X’ and ‘Y’ respectively). To get the square footage of the flooring you will need, simply multiply X and Y, in this case it is 11 x 14 = 154 sq ft. For an 11 x 17 room, simply multiply both amounts to get 187.  If buying flooring for multiple rooms, simply add up your multiplied equations to get the total figures. If the room is irregularly shaped, divide the room into individual rectangles (with measures X and Y), and then subtract or add (depending on the situation), treat triangle and circle shaped rooms the same way.

In selecting your flooring, you will need to know the different types there are, the main types are unfinished hardwood, softwood, engineered, laminate and custom.

Unfinished flooring is a type of flooring that needs sanding and finishing after installation. Solid pre-finished flooring is closely similar to unfinished solid hardwood; the differences lie in the bevel and finish.

While a measuring tape and calculator will give you the figures you need to purchase flooring for your home, most websites simplify the process by allowing you to calculate whole rooms, waste factor, price and the total material required.
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154 and 187 are correct, but then you need to consider wastes of 5-10% extra depending on how cut up the room is.
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How many square inches of paper are needed to cover a box that is 2 inches by 3 inches by 4inches

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