What Are The Different Characteristics Of Water?


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Could you explain the different of characteristics of the following waters & their best application in daily life:
1. Tap water
2. Filtered water of faucet filter
3. Filtered water of reverse omasis filter
4. Boiled water
5.  Distill water
6. Filtered water thru water softner filter
7. Negative ion water - as marketed by Japanese
8. 6 crystals water - as marketed by Korean
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Taste less
odor less
color less
boiling point is 100 degree Celsius
freezing point is 0 degree Celsius
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The most common physical characteristics of water are temperature, taste, color, odor and turbidity. Turbidity is the amount of particulates suspended in water. Particulates are such things as clay, silt, organic matter and micro-organisms. It's what makes water cloudy.
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Characteristics of water
> Biological solvent
> Has high heat capacity - large amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of water
> Has high heat of evaporation
> Has high heat of fusion - large amount of heat must be removed from water to make it ice
> Medium where chemical and physical processes take place
> Serves as moisturizer of surfaces

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Some characteristics of water are: It is clear, moist, it is a liquid, low viscosity, the odor and it can boil. Viscosity is how thick it is
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