Why Is There More Rainfall In The West Of Britain Compared To The East?


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The western part of the United Kingdom receives heavier rainfall than the eastern part of the country. This is because of two primary reasons. Firstly, the west of the United Kingdom has the country's highest mountains. Secondly, the west of the country is the side that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The towns and cities located on the Atlantic coast of the country receive heavier rainfall than the ones on the North Sea coast.

The Lake District, which is located in the county of Cumbria, receives the highest amount of rainfall in the country. It is located on the northwest coast of England, which is the wettest part of the country. The Lake District is also known for its mountainous topography, and is located close to the track of depressions that normally brings rainfall to the country. The annual average rainfall received by the Lake District of Cumbria is more than 2, 000 millimetres a year. Seathwaite in Borrowdale is the wettest place in England. It receives more than 3, 000 millimetres on an average per year.
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It is wetter because there are more mountains and they are much higher and so more rain is released so the clouds can pass over the mountains.

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