Where Are Stem Cells Found In The Adult Body?


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Although stem cells occur with much greater frequency in the body of a developing embryo, there are quite a few in the adult body. Stem cells are found in many organs and tissues including the bone marrow, blood vessels, muscle, skin, liver, the brain and the nasal mucosa. Stem cells have the ability to become any type of cell, but they are most likely to differentiate into the type of cell that is part of the tissue in which they are found.

There are two types of stem cell that occur in the bone marrow. One develops into red blood cells or white blood cells. The other type develops into bone cells, cartilage cells, tendon cells and fat cells. Stem cells in the bone marrow were first discovered about 40 years ago but are only just being used in research medicine.

The three different types of stem cell found in the brain can differentiate into either motor neurone cells, sensory neurone cells or relay neurone cells.

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