Define Each Science Processes And Give A Example?


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The question you pose is ambiguous as you do not mention which scientific process or processes you would like to be defined. Almost every change in science can be defined as a process as science looks to explain and test the world and how it works. Each test or experiment done scientifically will have a process or an order and each change in that process will be recorded, this is how a scientific test is done. The answer to this question will be based on the assumption that the processes in this instance are the three main strains of science within schools; chemistry, biology and physics. Biology is essentially the study of living organisms or earth. This could be in the form of animals, plants or different forms of rock. Biology would look at studying nature and how it reacts and lives and you would expect to learn about your own body and how it works too. Physics is the study of forces and matter and looks to understand and explain the universe and how it works. You could expect to learn about Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity and how gravity works. It is also the study of stars and planets and what makes them work. Chemistry is the study of specific matter, it looks at exactly what makes an object, down to its lowest cell or atom. It is also the study of elements (such as the element found in the Periodic Table) and how they react with one another. Experiments in chemistry will teach you about how elements react when exposed to certain conditions such as heat or cold. You would expect to be doing experiments introducing chemicals to one another to see how they react and what they make.

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