What Are The Ten Branches Of Physical Science And Define Each?


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There are many different branches of physical science that you are going to be able to understand without there being too many problems. They consist of agriculture, anatomy,astrobiology, biochemistry, bioengineering, biophysics, biotechnology, botany, cell biology and cryobiology.

· Agriculture

This is the study of plants and the surrounding crops which are grown and taken care of. The physical science is applied here because people are trying to understand the plants so we can ensure that grow well.

· Anatomy

This is the study of the body, this can include either humans or animals and allows us to understand how the body works and how we can discover and mend certain things.

· Astrobiology

This is simply the study of outer space to try and find any extraterrestrial activity that people think we are surrounded by.

· Biochemistry and bio engineering

This is the study of chemical reactions that we need to form different life forms and to thrive off. Bioengineering is medical engineering which we need to carry out some of the best surgeries and studies in the world.

· Biophysical

This is connected to the physics which we need within biology and the human form.

· Biotechnology and botany

This is simple due to the different technologies that we have around today and that we study as much as possible to have a better understanding of. Botany is the study of plants and different living organisms around the world that we see today.

· Cell biology and cryobiology

This is the different studies of cells which we need to understand within our bodies and that of plants to ensure that everything can be kept as healthy as possible.

Cryobiology is the study of different life within the ice temperatures and how it thrives or how it doesn't survive.

It is easy to see and understand how physical sciences help us in everyday life without us even knowing about it.

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