What Are The Sub Branches Of Science?


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  • Chemistry
This area of science is the study of matter and particles that are microscopic. The science looks at the way all matter is composed in the Universe and at all of the elements that exists, and how particles and atoms make up the properties of certain matter. Modern technologies and modern industry both rely on the study of Chemistry. This is because they require materials to make new technology, and Chemistry is able to provide the perfect materials and substances that can be used to make computers and other devices. For instance, modern silicon processors required a huge amount of Chemical engineering to get to the stage they are now.

  • Biology
Biology is the study of life. It looks at plants, animals, humans and other life forms found on planet earth. It looks at how the bodies of life forms work to keep itself alive, and how the earth is able to provide for the living things. Biology can even cover things like agriculture. Generally, Biology will look at human and animal activity and how we sustain ourselves. It can also overlap with Chemistry, in that drugs will be created to help keep the body alive and sustain it for longer than it would with a particular illness. This is a perfect example of how all the different sub branches of science overlap and work together.

  • Physics
Physics is different in that it looks at the way things can move, and how the Universe works. It looks at forces and energy in the Universe and usually requires mathematics to explain how specific theories work. Scientists will need to use math when they are both creating and testing the Physics theories that they are constantly coming up with.
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Six Branches of Life Science;

Anatomy:it's the study of internal stuctures of the boby parts of plants ans animals.
Biology:the science that studies living organisms.
Botany:it's the detialed study of plants.
Genetics:the study of heredity.
Medicine:the science of diagnosing,treating,and preventing illness,disease,and injury.
Physiology:it's the study of functions and life processes inplants and  animals,their various system and processes.
Zoology:the science that covers animals life.
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It is a simplify your labs
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the science that covers life&&animals is one
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There are many small divisions like:
Animal Science

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