Where Is Siberia, And Is It Really That Cold?


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Find Mongolia on a map (that's north of China). North of all of Mongolia to the Arctic coast, that's roughly central Siberia. Siberia doesn't have precise borders. In many ways it's more of a concept than an exact place. The widest geographic definition of Siberia goes all the way from the Kamchatka peninsula (near Japan) to an area just north of Kazakhstan.

In the north there's permafrost, in the middle and east there's mountains. It's coldest in the east, except the last 50 or so miles near the coast. In the west there's boggy flatlands, in the south there used to be rich grasslands (now mostly cleared).

And yes, there are towns in Siberia that rate as some of the coldest inhabited places on Earth. Most of Siberia (if you take the broad definition) isn't so bad. It's the northern edge (Arctic circle) and the eastern bit of the central area that will really freeze your knackers off.... in winter. Summers, again, are generally ok(ish) in most of Siberia, with a decent growing season. But in the Arctic circle, residents get only a one-month long summer.

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